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Our office cleaning service includes dusting, emptying bins, cleaning bathrooms, mopping and sweeping the floors, and cleaning computer tables. We clean for a variety of businesses such as dental, architectural & high-rise offices


Keyboard Cleaning

You may never think about it, but your keyboard & mouse contain more bacteria than toilets. Over 8% of keyboards contain so much dirt that they would be classed as a health hazard. Contact us today for our keyboard & mouse cleaning service.

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About Glasgow Office Cleaners

Glasgow Office Cleaners is a division of 1st CCS Group Ltd.


CCS was founded in 1983, starting as a one-man business, the company now has 3 branches – located in Glasgow, St. Andrews and Dundee. This enables CCS to provide a network of services throughout Scotland. Our Dundee branch has approximately 100 staff available at any time and our Glasgow branch approximately 100 staff. We also have pockets of staff out with the larger cities, which cater for multi-client contracts.


CCS has grown in size over the years and is now a Corporate Member of BICSThe British Institute of Cleaning Science, we are also SIIPS APPROVED along with SAFE CONTRACTOR APPROVED.


The present Managing Director, Mr. John Davie has, through expansion and diversification, taken CCS into many new and exciting areas of support services.


CCS carry out quality-controlled cleaning programmes in a range of premises. These comprise of Ministry of Defence Related Industries, Shopping Malls, Industrial Manufacturing Plants, Small to Multi Office complexes, Leisure Gymnasiums, Nightclubs, Retail outlets, Hospitals, Government Institutions Petrol Forecourts Tesco & B.P. and many more.


CCS is an equal opportunities employer and have developed working partnerships with clients such as Tesco (voted the most admired company in the UK), Walt Disney Stores, McDonalds Restaurants, St. Andrews Links, D.C. Thomson, Mothercare and The Royal & Ancient (R&A).


CCS prides itself on being at the forefront of the support industry and with the combination of CCS’s excellent management infrastructure and expertise knowledge of the latest techniques, materials and service operations, CCS ensures that clients will receive a first class service from team of dedicated professionals who are totally committed to offering the Highest Standards of Quality, Efficiency and Reliability.


We are accredited with:


  • SIIPS (Safety Schemes In Procurement)
  • Safe Contractor
  • IPAF
  • BICS
  • BAE Safety 1 st Inspired Work


We have a proven track record for safety with zero accidents in our 35 years of business.


Our 5-Minute Card Remit Prior to working on your premises:

  • Start Safe
  • Work Safe
  • Leave Safe

Local Office Cleaning

Glasgow Office Cleaners (part of 1st CCS Group) is located in the heart of Glasgow.


While continuing to support our existing clients we are able to clean offices of any size throughout Glasgow.


Being city based means we can use the environmental route of walking to clients rather than using our fleet of vehicles, which supports the low carbon footprint we have been aiming to achieve.


Contact us today on 08450 780 281 for a quick quote.

Other Services

To all our clients we offer a complete range of services, which include:


  • Retail Cleaning Services
  • Daily Office Cleaning
  • Fire Alarm Testing (Weekly/Monthly)
  • Computer Cleaning
  • Telephone Cleaning
  • Janitors
  • Deep Cleans Kitchens
  • Car Parks
  • Window Cleaning
  • Blitz Cleaning
  • Builders Cleans
  • Carpet Cleaning/Hire
  • Floor Cleaning / Specialised Restoration Works
  • Pre Occupation Building Cleaning
  • High Specification Sparkle Cleaning
  • Building Exterior Cleaning
  • Internal Overhead Light Cleaning & Diffuser Replacements
  • High Level Light Cleaning
  • Washroom Sanitising
  • Labour Operatives
  • High Level Cleaning
  • Domestic House Cleaning
  • Provisions for the Disabled
  • Provisions for the Elderly (Snow Clearance, Grass Cuts etc.)
  • Holiday Relief Cover
  • Janitorial Supplies – we have an extensive range of products
  • Paper Products
  • Waste Disposal Sacks & Hand Cleansers
  • Barrier Protection Creams
  • Skip Hire
  • Snow Removal
  • Barrier Mats and Dust Control Mats
  • Sanitary Disposal – SEPA/SEA/073332/1 License
  • Hire an I.P.A.F. Licensed Operator
  • Moss Removal


See our parent-company website 1stCCSGroup.co.uk for information & other services

Your Own Cleaning Portal

CCS’ app enables you the client to log in and access your own portal in order for you to input for reactive works required, establish what percentages in real time we are achieving at your complex along with Training, Quality Audits, Safety Audits and Above & Beyond Actions we may carry out.


On your portal in real time you’ll see that


  • All your sites are consistently safe
  • All your sites are consistently clean
  • We’re consistently investing in our onsite teams
  • We’re consistently engaging with you.
  • We’re consistently sharing our service & outputs with you in real time to create transparency & trust

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